A Mirkwood Campaign

Our story begins in the year 2947, six years after the death of Smaug and the Battle of the Five Armies. Men of the North have heeded King Bard's call and have gathered at and around Laketown to see what great deeds can be done to win a better future. Esgaroth, Dale, and other settlements brim with a confidence  not felt in years, and yet the impenetrable Mirkwood sits, dividing the Wilderland in half from nearly north to south. Deep among its gloomy boughs stirs something fell, powerful, and patient.

This campaign utilizes Cubicle 7's Adventures in Middle Earth books for DnD 5th Edition, putting to use the Player's and Loremaster's Guides, as well as the Mirkwood campaign book, Wilderland Adventures, and Rhovanion Region Guide. Aside from the rules from the PHB and DMG, no other books are used, and no classes, backgrounds, or races from the core 5e books are in play. Sadly for my players, there will be no digging into Xanathar's Guide, either. We will keep this as Middle Earthy as possible.

The Darkening of the Wood

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